CCIB Barcelona

15 & 16 March 2023

Features and seminars 2021

Breathing Architecture


Sebastian Amorelli - External Reference

The lecture by Carmelo Zappulla will explain the trajectory of his studio External Reference and the latest projects being developed in the Arab Emirates, in Russia and in Europe where the circular economy...



Miquel Lacasta – Archikubik

Oxygen is at the metabolic basis of life and has a central role in urban development. Making a city means improving air quality (O2), structuring the water cycle (H2O) and decarbonizing our cities...

CODIC Round Table: Healthy Interiors. Living spaces.


Gabriel Gomera – Gabriel Gomera Studio
Albert Salvia – Albert Salvia Dissenyador d’Interiors
Ana Velasco – Escalímetre
Júlia Garcia – Bustoscasas Design

While ecology and energy efficiency are values that are increasingly in demand and even regulated by current legislation...


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