CCIB Barcelona, 14 - 15 February 2018

Features 2017

Pop-up Bookshop by Cooperativa d’Arquitectes Jordi Capell

Cooperativa d’Arquitectes Jordi Capell, 40 años al servicio de los arquitectos

La Cooperativa fue fundada en 1977 por un grupo de arquitectos del Colegio de Catalunya con el objetivo de crear la mejor librería de arquitectura.

Wonders of Water by Materia

The exhibition ‘Wonders of Water’ is entirely devoted to the important role water plays in the innovation of materials. As a visitor, you will be treated to 125 special material samples as well as a number of water-related special items that will amaze you.

Matière Grise by Pavillon de l’Arsenal

GREY MATTER, Materials, Reuse, Architecture. Considering the considerable paucity of materials and the “Métropole Zéro Déchet” (Zero Waste Metropolis) ambition, architects Julien Choppin and Nicola Delon from the Encore Heureux architectural design agency explore the issue of the reuse of building materials at a pivotal point in time,...

Art by Renato Nicolodi

“Renato Nicolodi's installations and 3D simulations are in reference to archetypal architectural models. Actual and ambiguous markers of timelessness and permanence that are paradoxical by the same token.

Images by DAPh

Brilliant idea? An interdisciplinary project or a new book? DAPh is short for Dutch Architectural Photographers and represented by nine specialists in visual communication with a focus on building and architecture.


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