CCIB Barcelona, 14 - 15 February 2018

Features 2017

Art by Renato Nicolodi

“Renato Nicolodi's installations and 3D simulations are in reference to archetypal architectural models. Actual and ambiguous markers of timelessness and permanence that are paradoxical by the same token. Monoliths of more recent times. Visual anchor points. Mental beacons in a time, during which society went through a huge digital revolution, in which everything was subject to doubt: science, technology, nature and the role and identity of man as part of all this.

Renato Nicolodi's works take on concrete shapes in abstract monuments which, in their plastic isolation, in turn again spark further questions regarding the role, the legitimacy and ambiguity of historical awareness in modern-day society. The important questions leave no one untouched.“

J. Kint

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